Taste Of Our Favourite Place


We meet at Jadavpur mostly in the afternoon specially for the attraction of momo. After tasting many varieties of momo in Kolkata, we both come to this conclusion that the most delicious and at the same time pocket-friendly momo can be found from the street vendors of Jadavpur.

Momo lovers can have counter questions but No, we are not forgetting about Territi Bazar or Salt lake’s ‘Bapi da’, the texture and the taste of the momo of Jadavpur will attract you to have it repeatedly. There are three momo stalls in a same row on that same footpath where we have our breakfast , the tastes of the three stalls are more or less same, you may not have any distinct difference in their tastes but we mostly prefer the middle stall named ‘Tasty Momo’. The friendly behaviour of the stall owner will impress you and he will also give a piece of chicken in your soup and for us the soup is the unique part of the whole momo plate because you can hardly find a better tasty momo-soup than them. You can get here almost all types of momos- steamed, fried, pan-fried, cheese momo, cheese fried momo & if you are lucky then you’ll also get chocolate momo. But we usually order chicken fried momo most of the time. They also have a speciality in their hand made green chutney and the red sauce. These will create sweet-tangy-chili twists in your taste buds so that the whole package of soft or crunchy momos with the sauces and the soup will give the feel of real bliss to your tongue.


In Jadavpur you’ll get another place which is specialized for making the pan-fried chicken momo extremely delicious. The crispy fried momos are tossed in the Chef’s special sauces with spring onion and smoky garlic and then topped with white sesame seeds. The final touch of the sesame seeds brings the uniqueness of this restaurant. And for this dish you won’t have to spend much from your pocket. This is not a very old restaurant but almost a new one, named ‘Food Bowl’. It is situated on the same footpath where we get the footpath-momo-stalls. If you try the dish here you are going to remember it always.



Taste Of Our Favourite Place


From starting of our friendship to today’s date it has become a part of our daily life to set out for a meet up without any destination. Like this in the afternoons when the sun becomes mild and beautiful we take a short trip to Jadavpur just for roaming around the alleys, chit-chat and time-pass and obviously to have some delicious foods. The word ‘Jadavpur’ itself reminds us a bunch of memories, which creates a slideshow in our mind’s eye…8B bus terminus, footpaths congested with tea stalls, momo stalls, fast food centres, flower shops, the chain Of photocopy shops, the restaurants and all.

We are both edacious as usual and more than that we are wanderer. We have experienced this Jadavpur from beginning of our friendship. Our first lunch date was also in Jadavpur. So we have come by a few knowledge about the foods of this place, from breakfast to dinner. So we would love to share this with you.

Though the variety of breakfast items in the place is little but that is enough for a glutton. Though the items are really very simple but they are delicious like-Jam toast, butter toast, poached egg, egg toast, omelet, bread with banana and obviously tea.


There are also south Indian items like Dosa, Idli, Uttapam etc. But the question is where to eat. We think “the right place- the right food” should be maintained for filling our hearts, not only our tummies. But yes, to discover foods you’ll face bad tastes often.

When we go to Jadavpur in the morning we like to have jam toast or butter toast with poached egg and that we only eat at the breakfast stall which we call “kaka’s shop”. It is situated on the left footpath crossing the 8B bus stand towards Canara Bank. If you taste here the crunchy butter toast or jam toast, you’ll experience the joy of having breakfast on the footpath.

undefined The Delicious Egg Toast

undefined The Orange Flavoured Jam Toast

If you want to have a ‘tiffin-time-adda’ with the southern flavour of India then we’ll suggest you ‘Raju South Indian Foods’, situated beneath the Cantonese Restaurant. The most delicious dishes of this shop is Masala uttapam, Butter masala dosa and Butter idli fry. Just give it a try to taste the south Indain food lightly flavoured with kolkata.

Breakfast is just the beginning of the day. We have more and more interesting food discoveries for the rest of the day in Jadavpur. The varieties of tastes and multiple cuisines are yet to come to make you feel hungry. So please be with us. : )

The Journey Begins

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”…

We, the two bosom friends started our journey together 55 months ago from today but it seems like just a few days. We’ve experienced the various tastes of our lives together and we are always hungry of these tastes.

So…We, the two boon companions, Debdipta and Subhasree are going to share the discoveries of us…The road-side spicy foods..the journeys without any destination..the recipes we invent..the interesting moments we share..everything is going to be a part of this blog….Hope you will enjoy this.
So the journey begins….